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The modern version of the traditional broad-based Chemistry degree that has been welcomed and respected by industry and commerce for decades. Covering all the significant areas of Chemistry, it is the most adaptable of the MChem qualifications when it comes to … Read more…

Civil Engineering



As a civil engineer, or transportation specialist, you’ll help create the built environment around us. In this advanced course, similar to the BEng course but offering an extra year of study and a more in-depth approach, you’ll develop the skills … Read more…

Structural Engineering


Heriot Watt University

The programme offers a thorough grounding in the major branches of civil engineering, but with strong emphasis on aspects most relevant to structural engineering. The aims of the programme are similar to those for Civil Engineering, but with a stronger … Read more…



Heriot Watt University

Core concepts studied include dynamics, electromagnetic fields and optics, leading to the fascinating quantum world of subatomic particles, the unique nature of laser light, and the philosophically challenging ideas of astrophysics. Mathematics forms an integral part in enabling students to … Read more…