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5 Pre-Apprenticeship Renewable Energy


Dundee College

The course consists of basic hand skills in plumbing and electrical technologies. As all renewable energy installation and maintenance requires hand skills, this is a core element to the training and the majority of the training will be workshop based. … Read more…

6 Fabrication And Welding (Stage 3/4)


Dundee College

This qualification is delivered to meet the local, national and international industries needs and requirements for skilled welders. This course has been developed to provide skilled labour to the Fabrication and Welding sector. Due to the massive skills gap and … Read more…

5 Fabrication And Welding (Stage 1/2)


Dundee College

The aim of the course is to provide basic skills and knowledge in welding and fabrication techniques. The course includes Welding Skills: MIG, TIG, MMA; Fabrication Skills: Sheet Metal; Engineering Numeracy. Future Prospects Successful candidates can progress onto more advanced … Read more…