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robert gordon

Engineers are in high demand around the world. Our technological society relies completely on engineering and the constant stream of new solutions that are developed by engineers. An engineering degree is intellectually challenging and requires a good grasp of maths … Read more…

Marine Biology


University of Aberdeen

The Marine Biology course is designed to provide a broad based set of generic and specialist skills for future employment. Marine Biology graduates find full-time employment in a wide range of exciting careers. Employers include fisheries laboratories, government and non-government … Read more…

Geology/ Geology & Petroleum Geology


University of Aberdeen

The vast majority of Aberdeen Geology and Petroleum Geology & Geoscience graduates find employment within the hydrocarbon or mineral exploration and exploitation sectors within a few months of graduating. Additionally, postgraduate specialised study is a popular pathway toward careers in … Read more…

Environmental Science


University of Aberdeen

Environmental Science is well-suited to employment in nature conservation, in government or non-government conservation organisations, and also in countryside departments of local government. Those who take the Physical Sciences option will have the training required to carry out analysis for … Read more…