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Marine Biology


University of Stirling

Are you fascinated by the oceans and the rich diversity of organisms that inhabit their depths? Marine Biology involves studying these specialised plants and animals, and how they solve the unique problems imposed by the sea’s physical and chemical environment. … Read more…

Environmental Science


University of Stirling

Environmental Science as a discipline has grown out of increasing concern for the environment and the need for a scientific approach to the study of human impacts on natural resources. Today’s environmental scientists are challenged to find solutions to some … Read more…



University of Stirling

Ecology is the science of relationships, amongst organisms and between organisms and their environments. It is a vital science of the modern age because it underpins how best we can interact with, use and conserve the natural resources of the … Read more…

Environmental Civil Engineering


Glasgow Caledonian University

This unique programme covers all of these subjects but enhances them by incorporating environmental issues, such as recycling, water treatment and environmental protection. At the end of the first three years, you can graduate with a BSc in Environmental Civil … Read more…

Mechanical Engineering


University of Glasgow

A mechanical engineering degree will allow you to develop a fundamental understanding of engineering principles bystudying engineering sciences and mathematics and learning to apply them to real engineering problems. Our Mechanical Engineering students report satisfaction levels of 93% in the National … Read more…

Mechanical Design Engineering


University of Glasgow

Mechanical design engineering students are taught to produce competitive and innovative products, within a commercially demanding environment. Our Mechanical Engineering students report satisfaction levels of 93% in the National Student Survey 2011. Our BEng and MEng degrees are accredited by … Read more…

Marine & Freshwater Biology


University of Glasgow

Marine and freshwater biology is the study of the world’s aquatic environments, which provide a fascinating diversity of animals and plants for the biologist to investigate. It is an important field for the future management and conservation of our aquatic … Read more…

Earth Science


University of Glasgow

Earth science is the study of the Earth, its structure, composition, history and resources. It is concerned with the interactions of the Earth’s deep geology with surface processes, climates and natural and anthropogenic changes. Our Earth Science students are the … Read more…



University of Glasgow

Geography is the study of the surface of the Earth as the site of human living and working. It considers the variability in physical and human landscapes, along with the interrelationships commonly binding them together. Our Geography students report satisfaction … Read more…