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st andrews

Geography is the integrated study of the earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is unique in bridging the social sciences with their understanding of the dynamics of cultures, societies and economies, and the earth sciences with their understanding of … Read more…

Environmental Management And Planning


Glasgow Caledonian University

Environmental Management and Planning graduates offer professional advice on how to make towns, cities and rural areas better places to live and work. They are experts who understand the impact on the environment of construction and regeneration and also the … Read more…



University of Glasgow

Physics is the experimental and theoretical study of matter and energy and their interactions, ranging from the domain of elementary particles, through nuclear and atomic physics, to the physics of solids and, ultimately, to the origins of the universe itself. … Read more…

Marine & Freshwater Biology


University of Glasgow

Marine and freshwater biology is the study of the world’s aquatic environments, which provide a fascinating diversity of animals and plants for the biologist to investigate. It is an important field for the future management and conservation of our aquatic … Read more…

Earth Science


University of Glasgow

Earth science is the study of the Earth, its structure, composition, history and resources. It is concerned with the interactions of the Earth’s deep geology with surface processes, climates and natural and anthropogenic changes. Our Earth Science students are the … Read more…



University of Glasgow

Geography is the study of the surface of the Earth as the site of human living and working. It considers the variability in physical and human landscapes, along with the interrelationships commonly binding them together. Our Geography students report satisfaction … Read more…

Mechanical Engineering with Management


University of Edinburgh

Introduction Mechanical engineers are responsible for the design and manufacture of an enormous range of industrial products – almost anything with moving parts, from washing machines to aircraft. You will use fundamental physics, complex mathematics and state-of-the-art engineering software, as … Read more…