You can apply for an award between £250 and £2000. These awards are to assist to you in entering industry through further/higher education or Industry training. Our turn around time is six weeks from when a complete application is submitted.

Can I apply?

  • You must be an individual
  • You must be aged 16 or over
  • You must be permanently resident in the UK
  • You must be working towards a career within the Energy sector.  This can either be through training or education.
  • Inside Industry must receive a recommendation from a teacher or guidance member within your school.

What are the assessment criteria?

There are six things we consider when assessing your application:

Individual – Do you have the drive, passion and motivation to succeed to enter the energy industry? What relevant skills and experience do you have? You will need to show us where your aspiration lie within the Energy sector and how funding would assist you in entering the Energy sector.

Education – Your previous and current education background. If the award is for College/ University assistance we need to see that you have a confirmed place at a college/university. Your college/university course must relate to a career within the Energy sector.

Training – If you are applying for funding to carry out training that will assist you in entering the energy sector we need to see a plan relating to the training you require and how this will assist you in securing a role within the Energy sector. We also need to see how you plan to secure employment after your training.

Funding Assistance-You will also need to put forward a case in your application that shows us that without funding your route into industry would not be possible.

School Recommendation – As part of your application we will require a written reference from a teacher or member of guidance staff to confirm your suitability for the path you wish to take.

Interview – You must be able to attend an interview with our board members from Industry. The board will discuss your suitability and decide if an award will be issued.

What can I apply for?

You can use an award to help pay for a number of areas that will assist you in your education and training. Here are some of the common costs we will support:

  • Academic Text books (college & University)
  • IT equipment required to carry our study & course work
  • Student Accommodation costs (University & College)
  • Training courses through our training provider that will assist you in enter industry
  • Taster Courses
  • Cost related to work experience within the industry
  • Cost relating to continuing Secondary education

The process

Inside Industry will hold 3 funding rounds per year.  You will be notified of funding rounds through the inside industry career tool.  Application forms can be requested through the site and will be sent to the school for you to complete.