Application forms allow an employer to learn more about you than with a short, two-page CV. Also, if a candidate is prepared to take the time to fill one out in detail, it demonstrates commitment and interest. Helpfully most forms are now available online, so you can save and change your answers until you are ready to hit ‘send’.

Our quick checklist will help give your form maximum impact!

  • If you’re filling in a paper copy, photocopy the form first to allow for a practice run. Be sure to use the right coloured pen – sometimes forms will specify blue or black ink.
  • Read the instructions carefully and make sure you fully understand each question. Careless mistakes could cost you an interview. Or save yourself the hassle with our sample application form questions and answers
  • Where a question has several parts, be sure to answer every bit.
  • If there’s a word limit, stick to it. Too few words and you won’t be giving them enough information, too many and they won’t bother to read it.
  • Only discuss achievements that are relevant to the job.
  • Write legibly if you can’t type the information into the form. If your handwriting is bad it may be better to write your answers in capital letters.
  • Beware smudges! It makes for messy photocopies at the other end.
  • Read your completed form carefully, checking for grammar and spelling errors and, if possible, get a friend to give you a second opinion.
  • Be honest. Many employers use information service companies to check information provided on application forms.
  • Keep a copy of your completed form for your own records. You don’t want to forget what you’ve written if you get to the interview stage.