Are you feeling overwhelmed by a job application form you really need to get right? It can be tough in a difficult job market to be 100% confident that you’re putting together an application that will blow the socks off the competition.

So we’re here to lend a helping hand with our guide to what to write on your application form.

Dont Forget!

Before putting together your application, bear these points in mind…

  • It won’t matter what you say if your answers are badly written. Is writing not your strong point? Then keep the structure simple (using the STAR technique below will help) and get a friend to proof your work.
  • Where a question has multiple parts, make sure you respond to all of them.
  • Although dry questions may not lend themselves to entertaining responses, if you can bring your answers to life, you’ll catch the attention of a weary reader.
  • Don’t make stuff up. You’ll be quizzed on your examples should you be invited to an interview and any holes is your story will be obvious.
  • Make sure your answers reflect the level of seniority required by the role you are applying for.

If you apply these points to your job application then you’ll greatly improve your chances…

STAR guide to answers

STAR helps you to structure your responses and give employers the information they are looking for. Here’s how it works…

Situation – Around 20% of your answer should be used to set the scene. What was happening?

Task – 10% should explain the task either set by yourself or another.

Action – This is the most important part: 50% of your answer should describe what you did and the skills you used to do it.

Result – Use the last 20% to tell give details of the outcome. This should include a good dose of self-analysis. Consider what impact your behaviour had on the result – Perhaps you learnt something about yourself or it altered your thinking.

Our sample application form – questions and answers

To make things even easier for you, we’ve used the STAR system to answer some common application form questions.