What exactly does a Business Development Manager do?

My role focuses on identifying and developing new potential developments and relationships for the business. The first part of my role is concerned with identifying what companies currently need our services, but more importantly, those who will need us in the longer term. This involves a lot of research into other companies – both clients and competitors to gain an oversight of the market as a whole.

After identifying these opportunities I will analyse which best suit Reef Subsea’s business strategy and take action from there. The first action I take is usually to arrange to meet the company face-to-face and begin forming a relationship with the client company. This is a long process and during that time I have to keep atop of the constantly changing market, so that when a firm opportunity arises I am first to know and have had a strategy in place to secure the contract.

Apart from formal qualifications, what other skills or characteristics do you need?

The most important characteristic you need in my role is patience. Developing relationships with clients can often take a lot of time and effort. Furthermore you often have to use your investigative skills and piece small snippets of information together in order to get the bigger picture and identify a potential opportunity; this may be five or more years down the line. You also need to be personable and like working with people as the role involves a lot of interaction between different companies and cultures.

What sort of organization do you work for?

I work for a subsea services company.

Do you travel within the UK or overseas very much?

My job is based in Bergen, Norway but as you can imagine there is a lot of travelling involved. The destination is dictated by where the company HQ is but I travel worldwide in my role, however the most common countries are those central to the Subsea Oil and Gas industry so, UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany, USA.

Do you work a regular length day/week or are shifts involved?

I work a regular Norwegian office day. This is 8-4 but due to travel and international client meetings these hours often extend beyond the regular day, it all depends on which opportunities present themselves.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Keeping on top of a constantly changing market is extremely challenging but also rewarding; when you identify an opportunity before anybody else and put in place a successful strategy, all your hard work is rewarded.

What position would you like to hold in five years’ time?

I’m happy in my current role and want to fulfil the work I have put in here. My ambition is to see my long-term strategy come to fruition. There’s a lot of work gone into this strategy but if things develop as I feel they will the business should be in a much stronger position in five years’ time and the work I’ve put in will have been worthwhile.