Chemical Engineering involves the design, development, operation and management of industrial processes that turn raw materials into valuable products. Chemical engineering is all around us and contributes to everything we do every day (think shower gel, breakfast cereal, clothes, fuel, cellphones – even your headache tablet!) Society needs chemical engineers to safely develop new processes to make these products in a way that helps to manage resources and protect the environment.

Entry requirements

Highers: 1st sitting: AAAAB 2nd sitting: AAAABB
A levels: year 1 entry: AAA year 2 entry: A*A*A
IB: 36
Irish leaving certificate: aaaBBB
Additional information:
Maths Higher (a) or a level (a) or iB (hl6) or ilc (a)
Chemistry Higher (B) or a level (B) or iB (hl5) or ilc
Physics Higher (B) or a level (B) or iB (hl5) or ilc
Advanced Higher Maths, chemistry and Physics recommended

Course link: Chemical Engineering

Study options

4 years fulltime / Distance learning

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