People often comment on the excitement of working in the energy sector. It is a dynamic industry, where hard graft, team work and an understanding of social and environmental responsibilities is expected, and rewarded. It is also an industry that offers excellent training for men and women alike and, for many of the top jobs, good opportunities to spend time abroad’. Inside Industry shows you some of the jobs that people do in the industry and the skills and abilities you need for a career in energy.

The energy industry is so wide and varied and so critical to our everyday lives that it offers an interesting career choice to anyone whether your interest is in the arts or the science, a job in the energy industry can cater for everyone.

In the UK alone approximately 135,000 people are employed directly in the energy industry but there are probably another 500,000 or so whose jobs support the industry. It is an area that continues to make rapid technological advances all the time and can offer exciting prospects to the most highly skilled and qualified engineers, scientists and technicians.

The variety of jobs is endless and opportunities exist to work pretty much anywhere in the world. All sectors of the industry have a part to play in providing us with secure and sustainable supply of energy in the future. New ways to make existing supplies last longer, as well as research and development into new ones, must combine in our long-term move to a world less dependent on carbon-based fuels.

Qualifications in energy

As in most jobs/careers, any level of basic qualification is useful. School level qualifications at age 16 and 18 are useful but a degree or further education diploma or certificate will give you even more options. The energy industry employs people with a wide range of qualifications but those that are in most demand will be people with science and engineering based qualifications. Even for some of the more senior management level positions, a scientific or engineering background is highly valued by employers.

It’s not just academic qualifications either – trainee technicians are much in demand and there are a number of schemes that prepare you for employment in the energy industry through apprenticeship schemes.

So there is something for everyone in the energy industry and Inside Industry, aims to highlight the range of energy careers, the courses available, qualifications required and engage you with those already in the industry.