The Petroleum Engineering industry is at the forefront of the identification and production of hydrocarbons to ensure the worlds energy demands are met. The industry requires a range of skills in engineering and geoscience disciplines. The careers on offer within the Petroleum Engineering industry are diverse and focused around supporting a drilling rig/ production operations. As a Petroleum Engineer you will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team for either a exploration and production company or for one of the diverse range of service contractors.

This is an exciting and technically challenging area of the Energy industry and the range of careers on offer require people with a good solid academic background and in most cases a degree and masters degree from one of the leading universities who offer Petroleum Engineering related programs. Degrees in mathematics, physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering are also considered as strong academic qualifications for entry as a Petroleum Engineer.

A career in Petroleum Engineering will offer you a fast paced, challenging path and one that is involved with some of the most advanced technology used in any industry across the globe. Ongoing growth in worldwide energy consumption means demand for petroleum engineers is high. Oil companies and service providers are actively recruiting graduates in this area, which remains buoyant despite the economic climate.

Current and new sources of Hydrocarbons means that Petroleum Engineering professional are sought all over the globe.