Petroleum Engineering career videos

Alastair Bone

Completions Engineer
Find out how being a Completions Engineer makes you one of the key people for getting Oil and Gas out of the well.

Laura McLaughlin

Senior Geologist
Ever wonder who finds the oil and gas? A career as a Geologist is one that is constantly on the hunt for new reserves to keep the worlds energy demands in supply.

Paddy Lisulo

Process Engineer
Looking for a career in Engineering? Hear what skills you should have to enter the exciting field of Process Engineering.

Duncan Chedburn

Think Geology is just about rocks? Think again. Hear from Duncan how a career in geology can take you all over the world offering exciting challenges and rewards.

Andre Van Overveldt

Petroleum Engineer
Hear how a career in Petroleum Engineering can take you offshore, working in multi-discipline teams who all work towards producing oil and gas.

Laura Bardsley

Joining a Graduate program after univeristy has given Laura strong foundations to start her career in Geoscience.

Michael Mouat

Petroleum Engineering
Find out how being a Petroleum Engineer can offer an exciting global career with one of the worlds largest oil companies.

Lorena Lazaro

Reservoir Simulation Engineer
Like working with leading computer technology? A career as a Reservoir Simulation might be for you.

Daniel Bissett

Drilling Engineer
Find out how a graduate program can offer you great start as a Drilling Engineer