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Environmental Management and Planning graduates offer professional advice on how to make towns, cities and rural areas better places to live and work. They are experts who understand the impact on the environment of construction and regeneration and also the need for effective management of waste, energy, contaminated land and socio-economic issues. This programme draws on the School’s strengths and specialisms in: environmental technology and management, particulary waste and energy management and development management.

Year 1 is the foundation year and gives an introduction to the core skills and ” ground rules” such as urban studies, legislation and economics, land surveying and natural resources. Year 2 narrows the focus towards the key themes related to planning and sustainable development: environmental management, planning practice and socio economics. Level 3 provides the opportunity for you to gain practical work experience in a relevant position and organisation in Semester A, followed by further specialisation in core skills such as environmental planning, geograpical information systems (GIS) and sustainable development. Year 4 is the Honours year and allows you to develop your own specialisation, through your choice of dissertation subjects and specialist modules e.g. waste management, sustainable land use, or energy resource managment.

Entry requirements

Higher Grade and A Level: 285 UCAS points(preferably a combination of As and Bs at Scottish Higher Grade)
ILC: 285 UCAS points from Higher grades C1 or above
Essential Subjects: English (S) and Mathematics (S)

Recommended Subjects: English (H) and Mathematics (H) (at least grade B for both), a science subject (H), Geography (H), Modern Studies (H).

Course link: Environmental Management And Planning

Study options

4 years full

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