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For the first two years you study a common core covering the basic principles of all branches of engineering. In these two years you will follow courses which will give you choice of at least three of the School’s main disciplines to specialise in. In the later years you specialise, following your chosen discipline in greater depth, including design applications.

Pre-Honours Years

In the first year you can study topics such as Engineering Mathematics, Electronics, Engineering Chemistry, Mechanics, Fundamentals of Engineering Materials and Computer Aided Design & Communication.

Following this, in the second year, the topics covered can include, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Chemistry, Transport Processes, Fluids and Thermodynamics, Solids and Structures, Electronic Systems, Geology, Electrical and Mechanical Systems and Design & Computing.

Honours Years

This is the point at which a final decision between MEng and BEng must be made. Successful BEng candidates will be offered the chance to change to the MEng programme.

In your third year, you have the opportunity to study from a range of courses leading to specialisation in mechanical engineering. The major feature of the fourth year is the undertaking of an individual project in the area of your specialisation. The project occupies half of your study time and can be undertaken in Aberdeen or abroad.

If you are studying for the MEng degree then in fifth year you undertake a group design project in addition to courses in Engineering Analysis & Methods and Engineering & Project Management. The study of Advanced Special Topics further deepens your specialist knowledge.

Entry requirements

Degree of MEng
4H at BBBB – B in Mathematics and in Physics and/or Technological Studies at B.
S at levels 1, 2, or 3 in English.

Degree of BEng
4H at BBBC – B in Mathematics and in Physics and/or Technological Studies at B.
S at levels 1, 2, or 3 in English.

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Study options

MEng is a five-year Honours programme and the BEng is a four-year Honours programme

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