Name: Oludre Richard Elebiju

Job Title: Reservoir Engineer

Years of Experience: 6 Yrs+

Company: Suncor Energy UK Ltd.

What do you do, and why did you decide to pursue this career?

What I Do: I’m a Reservoir Engineer (RE). My job entails calculating the volume of oil and gas in subsurface rocks, how the oil and gas can be produced in an environmentally safe and economical way as well how for how long the field will remain producible.

Why Pursue The Career: I’m excited by a dynamic world where nothing stays the same way and each day comes with it’s unique challenges and opportunities. The environment in the oil and gas as an RE is typical of this nature and present opportunities for me to explore my mind and creativity to solve complex problems involving application of science and maths.

What is a (your title)?

Reservoir Engineer is an aspect/branch of Petroleum Engineering that specialises in estimating/calculating the volumes and modelling the dynamic play between subsurface rocks and fluids (oil and gas) as well designing the most practicable, economical and safe way to produce the fluids.

What type of Skills is someone required to have to work in your position?

(i)Excellent maths and science application skills (ii)Effective communication and presentation (iii)Good time management and prioritization (iv)Technical computer application use proficiency (v) Working effectively and efficiently when under pressure.

What do you do on a typical day?

Working on various Exploration and Production (E&P) asset tasks/projects within my team or cross-functional teams and prioritising to achieve set goals and meeting schedules and deadlines. I also ensure compliance with core business values, high standards and adhere to safety practices.

What type of Person is best suited to your job?

Anybody that is willing to embrace a dynamic nature with the changes and challenges that comes with it from day to day. Someone that enjoys working in a team, meeting people, sharing knowledge and learning from others. And of course, someone who naturally enjoy having fun and keeping the mind sharp.

Do you have any advice for those looking to start a career in your job?

My advice is, working in the oil and gas industry as a RE is one of the most prestigious and respectable profession to build a career offering very attractive reward and compensation. It’s also a profession that requires constant investment in continuous personal growth and technical development to stay sharp and on top of the game.

What is the highlight of your career so far?

Getting to work on various complex offshore projects with unique field complexities and seeing relevance of the applicability of the skills, knowledge and experience I’ve acquired over time in my career.

What is the typical entry route into your role?

Graduate Entry Route – University Bachelors, Masters/Post Grad and PhD Deg. entry qualification.
Cross-Trained Engineering Entry Route – Other technical Engineering professionals (Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical) taking specialized trainings tailored to working as and pursuing Reservoir Engineering industrial path.

What subjects would you recommend students study at school for your career?

Maths, Physics and Computer science subjects.

What is good about working in the Energy sector?

The world has always been in high demand for energy and the demand/consumption is expected to continue to grow incredibly as world population continues to grow. Working in a sector that embraces all the odds and challenges from some of the world’s most treacherous environments to unlock the finds to meet the world’s demand is an aspect that gives me pride and self-fulfilment in my pursuit as a Reservoir Engineer.

What does the future hold for person in your career?

The future of a Reservoir Engineer ties pretty much to a lot of factors which most important are; continuous dependency/demand for fossil fuel energy (conventionals/un-conventionals), prices of crude, new petroleum fields discoveries, advancement of technology helping to step up exploration prospecting and production to deeper offshore and arctic regions of the world.

Do you get to travel globally in your role? If yes, tell us about where you have been on are going.

My current role is primarily tied to UK – North Sea fields. However, I’m looking forward travelling to other parts of the world as future opportunities unfold.

Any last advice for anyone wanting to pursue your career?

Becoming an RE is not set aside only for geniuses and those with rocket and astronomical minds. Anyone willing to work hard, embrace challenges, apply fundamental maths/sciences skills to solve complex problems can work and be happy and fulfilled as a Reservoir Engineer.