Process Engineers who work for oil and gas companies have a technical and project management role in, designing, operating, optimizing, troubleshooting and maintaining the company’s facilities onshore and offshore. They analyze the performance of the overall process, ensures it runs in a steady state and meets export specifications. Essentially they are responsible for ensuring the oil and gas stays inside the equipment and the process runs as efficiently as possible.

The Process Engineer is expected to have technical knowledge of the process equipment, generally requiring visits offshore to familiarise themselves with the equipment design and layout, design operating envelope, and safe operating limits.

If there are any process upsets, products out of specification, equipment operating at design limits or unable to operate as per design. The Process Engineers act as a focal point for different functional groups to re-establish the facilities operating in a stable condition.

The responsibilities of the process engineer include but are not limited to:

  • Equipment design and specification
  • Plant monitoring at steady state conditions (pressure, temperature, flowrates)
  • Plant optimisation
  • Maintenance planning
  • Commissioning equipment