Production engineers who work for oil companies are responsible for overall oil and gas production of the company assets, being it offshore or onshore.

They analyse the performance of each well and optimize the field production through careful monitoring of day-to-day parameters including pressures and temperatures of the wells.

If any problem arises with the well, which impairs the production and therefore, threatens the company revenues, production engineers act as a focal point for any remedial work to maximize the production. This can sometimes require intervention work, it is a production engineer’s responsibility to ensure that the work is both economic and within the budget.

Production engineer is expected to have regular trips offshore for activities including new well start ups, well intervention and well testing support, as well as knowledge sharing with offshore personnel.

The following list covers some of the responsibilities of the production engineer:

  • Well start ups
  • Well integrity monitoring
  • Well surveillance (pressures, temperatures, flow rates)
  • Well intervention planning
  • Well flow rates allocations (for tax split and reports for partners)
  • Hold well reviews to analyse well performance