Subsea Engineers (Wells) who work for Operating companies have both a technical and project management role relating to the delivery and installation of the Wellhead , Christmas Tree system and riser system including all the equipment required for the installation.

The role shall focus on the practical aspects of the wellhead and tree system engineering, manufacturing, testing and interface with the Drilling and Completion Engineers.

  • Specifies the requirements of the Wellhead and Tree System and all equipment required for the installation.
  • Manages all activities and interfaces relating to SIT
  • Coordinates make-ups required
  • Project manages the delivery of the equipment from onshore
  • Manages the vendor
  • Ensuring that lessons learned from previous wells are applied to the one being drilled
  • Conducts studies of available technology and works with service companies to do this
  • Understands the entire well process
  • Looks for new technologies that will improve drilling/well delivery performance
  • Holds service companies accountable for their performance
  • Optimizes technology to ensure the well is drilled and completed in the most efficient manner possible.